Hopeful Legacy

I know the legacy that I am creating with my wife and kids may be a little different than the one passed on from my parents, but this is the one I believe God is drawing me and my family to.

Best Little Helper

Over this past Christmas holiday, I had a few projects that were put on my honey-do-list. The projects were not anything too scary, unless you consider my background with wiring in light fixtures, and I had the best helper one could ask for… Sam.

Thirty and Thriving

Y’all, I am one of the most blessed people that you will meet. Lindsay is literally a saint, not only because she has to deal with me on a daily basis, but because she also sacrifices all that she is for the betterment of her family and home. She really is a Proverbs 31 wife.

Shockingly, I’m Alive

Since I had the breaker off while I was messing around getting the wires back to how they were all connected before I started trying to fix the chandelier, and then I thought I might as well replace the lightbulb and then go switch on the breaker. As I twisted the lightbulb in, something funny happened…