Learning The Girly Stuff

I am scared... so very scared. I am scared because I have zero skills and knowledge as it relates to anything girl and how to make Emma look even more cute with some rockin updo's.


Get Me Out Of Here

It has been amazing to be surrounded by such a great community of folks and the Lord has absolutely placed certain people in my life for a time such as this.  What seemed like random rendezvous were actually perfectly crafted together moments by the master planner.  I love being able to look back in hindsight and see how He has been working.

Man Enough To Apologize

While I was looking and blaming, Lindsay was defending Sam and saying that she didn’t think he would move and lose the remote.  I would respond to her by telling her how neither of us touched the remote, her parents placed it on the fireplace mantel the night before, and I saw sam touching remotes. Ergo and ipso facto he did it.

Practice Builds Interest

During practice when Sam is supposed to be in the outfield, which is really just the dirt in the infield, you can find him either drawing designs in the dirt with his foot, kicking up the dirt, or picking up the dirt and throwing it.  While we are lining up our kids to bat, you can find most of them playing with the rocks next to the batters box without the least bit of concern with what is happening.