Changing Our Goals:

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of this guy called Jon Acuff, but not only does he have awesome hair, he is a pretty smart guy and has come out with some great practical information recently.


I Failed So Hard

As November / Movember comes to a close and I review some of the goals I put in place for raising support for men’s health issues, I see that I am coming up way short.  When I look at the amount of money I raised, which is a whopping zero dollars, it is literally the opposite of my fundraising goal of raising $5,000.

Can You Finish?

This past weekend, after Sam played in the leaves for the second weekend in a row, it was time to get them out of the front yard.  With the leaves removed, it was time to start back up the project that had begun months ago when I purchased supplies from Lowe’s because the deal on brown mulch was just too good to pass up.

Get Me Out Of Here

It has been amazing to be surrounded by such a great community of folks and the Lord has absolutely placed certain people in my life for a time such as this.  What seemed like random rendezvous were actually perfectly crafted together moments by the master planner.  I love being able to look back in hindsight and see how He has been working.

We All Need Focus

Most of the time when we get involved with outside volunteer opportunities, projects, and anything else, we just pile it on our proverbial plate like a Thanksgiving dinner.  As easy as that route is, it isn’t truly affective and creates a lack of clarity for you and others.  Instead of piling our plate full of opportunities, we need to be a little more selective with the opportunities we take on.

Practice Builds Interest

During practice when Sam is supposed to be in the outfield, which is really just the dirt in the infield, you can find him either drawing designs in the dirt with his foot, kicking up the dirt, or picking up the dirt and throwing it.  While we are lining up our kids to bat, you can find most of them playing with the rocks next to the batters box without the least bit of concern with what is happening.