Ice-cream and Noble Manhood

I always knew it was important for me to pour into my kids, but I never thought the father son ice-cream outings could eventually be so impactful.


The Race To Fatherhood

This race towards fatherhood is not a 5k, half marathon, or even an ultra-marathon. This race towards fatherhood is a lifetime of ups and downs, hard work, and hopefully a great start to the legacy that God desires for us to leave on.

No Ticker-Tape-Parade

Just the other day I accomplished my goal of getting to a certain weight. Yep, it was just about two months after my original victory date, but hey... I stinkin accomplished that goal and I should have been overjoyed.

Best Little Helper

Over this past Christmas holiday, I had a few projects that were put on my honey-do-list. The projects were not anything too scary, unless you consider my background with wiring in light fixtures, and I had the best helper one could ask for... Sam.