Learning The Girly Stuff

I am scared... so very scared. I am scared because I have zero skills and knowledge as it relates to anything girl and how to make Emma look even more cute with some rockin updo's.


I Failed So Hard

As November / Movember comes to a close and I review some of the goals I put in place for raising support for men’s health issues, I see that I am coming up way short.  When I look at the amount of money I raised, which is a whopping zero dollars, it is literally the opposite of my fundraising goal of raising $5,000.

Get Me Out Of Here

It has been amazing to be surrounded by such a great community of folks and the Lord has absolutely placed certain people in my life for a time such as this.  What seemed like random rendezvous were actually perfectly crafted together moments by the master planner.  I love being able to look back in hindsight and see how He has been working.