Pauls Bio

Paul Stippich is happily married to his beautiful wife Lindsay, of over seven years, and they have the two most adorably awesome kids, Sam and Emma.

Over the past couple of years he has gone through one of the most refining seasons of his life.  It was full of a lot of failure, rejection, second guessing, broken relationships and much more, but him and his family are better for it.

Paul’s blog is for those who are on this crazy ride of being a spouse, parent, employee, friend, and any other title you want to give yourself.  This blog is so we all can connect, laugh, and learn from Paul’s adventures like when he “accidentally” stole food from his kids , built up their hopes and dreams only to crush them, acted like an idiot to Lindsay, made his own mother pay for her Mothers Day lunch, offered the exact opposite of remarkable customer service, and ate pizza out of the trash.

Paul is also a contributing author for sites such as The Institute for Faith, Work and Economics.  He also does coaching and leadership development for businesses and non-profit organizations. The companies and organizations he is partnering with are some locally owned Chick-fil-A restaurants, local churches, and various leaders and mangers.


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