Pauls Bio

Paul Stippich is happily married to his beautiful wife Lindsay, of over seven years, and they have the two most adorably awesome kids, Sam and Emma.

Paul has experienced and noticed that there is a lack of leadership within the men in the up-and-coming generation.  He wants to help be a part of the solution by coming alongside those in kindergarten through young professionals by giving opportunities to learn, apply, and refine their leadership.  He understands that by doing this,  no matter what season these boys and men find themselves in, they can have a giant impact within their community and live a story that matters.

This year, 2017 / 2018, is going to be full of adventures with his son and with other dad’s, schools, and organizations all for the purpose of discovering authentic manhood and leadership together.  If you want to follow along, share, or join in on the experiences, subscribe or email Paul at to discover how you can partner together.

Life is infinitely better together and we are all looking forward to having you be a part of this group as we are on this journey to discover #AuthenticManhood and #Leadership together.




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