The Small Steps Matter

The small steps we take matter.  They don’t matter right away, but they matter over time.  It is eery how many times I have not only heard this phrase, but experienced it personally over these past few weeks of March.

I listen to multiple podcasts and it seems that in each one of them they alluded to this simple fact, the small steps we take matter.  I was even in church on Sunday and they talked about how the small steps matter as it relates to creating legacy.  Now I wasn’t oblivious to this fact before, but when it is being shoved in my face from one million different angles I feel that I need to share it with others.

One point that Gary Vaynerchuk brings up when talking about the small things, which I think others allude to but don’t specifically say, is that you hustle and take the small steps for years, and then you look up.  The reason he says this is because all along the way we will experience nay sayers and maybe even doubts from the worst side of us, but he encourages us to keep on pushing through.  Only after we have been taking these small steps for a long period of time can we get the proper perspective to see if they amounted to anything and if what you thought would happen would come to fruition.


Legacy is created over time and has a far reaching impact beyond what you could ever know.

It takes time and perspective to be able to tell who was right, you… or the naysayers.  I know for me personally I am in a season of taking a lot of small steps by building relationships, having conversations, creating and putting out content, working with a handful of people and companies all for the purpose of helping young professionals refine their leadership.

I know right now that if I looked up and measured my success, the scales may seem tipped to the side of the naysayers, but I know and see that as opportunities are lining up, the scales are about to start tilting towards my way.  This isn’t about winning… well it’s not all about winning, this is about helping other young professionals not have to go through hell and trials just to find work they can excel in and grow their leadership.

Whether you listen to the sweet sultry voice of Chris Hogan, the humorous stylings of Jon Acuff, or the in your face wisdom of Gary Vaynerchuk, remember the small things matter.  The small things matter and it will take time for you to get the appropriate perspective and to see if what you are doing is really working.


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