Soaking Up The Season’s

My son loves bird feeders.  In fact, Sam loves bird feeders so much that Nena and Pops gave him one for his birthday and he absolutely loves that thing.  He loves watching the birds fly to and from it.  He loves holding onto the wire to let it down slowly and using his big muscles to pull it back up.  He also loves monitoring how much food is in the feeder to make sure that all his little birdie friends have enough to eat.

When we first strung up the bird feeder, we only had about two thirds of the correct wire to actually hang up the feeder, which meant we had to substitute the last third with some twine that we had laying around the house.  After a couple of weeks, we eventually made time to go to Home Depot, the manly mans store, to get the supplies to finish our project.  After walking around the store searching for the correct isle, we finely found where we needed to be.  While I was looking for the wire that we needed, and then later as we waited for an associate to come cut the wire for us, Sam decided to pull every chain, rope, and wire in the section. Stressful, trying, and difficult are words that come to mind while we were waiting.  Eventually the wire was cut, and with all the supplies in hand we headed home.

As I was working so diligently on replacing the twine, Sam, who loves to help with all projects, decided to pull on the wire. This caused the wire to fall off of the limb that was 30 ft in the air.  Needless to say, frustration welled up inside as I was forced to use my lack of athletic prowess to launch a football in the air trying diligently to get it, and the attached wire, over the correct branch to re-hang the feeder.  After about 25 minutes and countless missed throws, I was able to get the football and wire over the correct branch.  What was supposed to be a quick 5 -10 minute fix ended up taking over 45 minutes to do.

Was it frustrating that Sam pulled the wire off of the branch so that daddy had to work so dang hard to re-hang up one of his favorite gifts?  Heck yes, but I wouldn’t trade his passion for wanting to help me with projects for anything.  I know my little helper and his love to work on projects with his daddy is only for a season, which makes me focus on soaking up all of this precious time with the best little helper.


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