Adventures with Lilly the Ladybug

My son Sam is a part of a preschool class and they are called the Ladybug’s.  Little did we know that they had a class mascot but this weekend we sure found out about it. I just want to say kudos to all the creative teachers out there that go above and beyond to make learning more interactive and fun.


Today when Sam came home from school,                                                                                   He had something to show us that was really cool.

With joy and excitement in his eyes,                                                                                             He pulled from his backpack a little surprise.

It was Lilly the Ladybug and her adventure book,                                                                      With intrigue and wonder we all took a look.

So we thought and we planned and we knew what to do,                                                                    And said, “Sam, she must go to Pops’ cabin with you!”

We packed up their things and went for a ride,                                                                        And we drove to North GA all side by side.

There were many fun things that she got to see,                                                                      Like how to make ice-cream, the bridge, and swing from a tree.

The next day we went on another fun trip,                                                                                  And went to Burt’s Pumpkin Patch and it was a hit.

We went on a hayride, got lemonade, and something to eat,                                                 Then Sam picked three pumpkins and our trip was complete.

When we arrived back home, Sam gave his mommy a hug,  And said, “What fun adventures with Lilly the Ladybug.”


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