Work Hard Play Hard

I’m incredibly fortunate to have in-laws that have an amazing cabin up in Ellijay, GA.  It is a place where we get to escape and the pace of life beings to slow down.  This cabin is my son’s little slice of heaven.  I have never seen him so happy then when he is up there making ice cream with Pops, exploring the woods, playing in the river (I use the term playing lightly), or doing any of the other fun activities.



One of the things my son loves to do most while he is up there is feed the birds and deer.  Little does he know, but he has actually laid a great foundation for himself.  That foundation is that to play hard, you must work hard.  Now filling bird feeders and laying out corn for the deer isn’t hard manual labor, but it is instilling in him that to have fun at the cabin, there are a few chores that need to be done before we can fully enjoy this little slice of heaven on earth.

It is fun watching him get so pumped once we get to the cabin.  As soon as we bring everything inside he wants to go straight to the garage so we can get the birdseed to feed the birds.  I also think he really loves doing this because he gets to play with the long rope we have that allows the feeders to hang up so high.  After we get through with filling the feeders, he then wants to make sure we put out corn so that we can later see the deer.

Sam is a hard worker and just loves to help.  I love that he enjoys doing these little chores and helping in any way he can, whether it’s turning on the water to the cabin, bringing in items from the car, or feeding animals.

After all the initial chores are done, his mind does an instant switch and all he wants to do is play outside, go to the swing or wheels, throw sticks in the river, or his absolute favorite thing… make home made ice cream.  This kid sure knows how to work hard so that he can play hard and fully enjoy the cabin.


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