Aspiring Grill Master

One thing that most of us are not… is a grill master.  As a man, I so desperately want to know how to smoke some delicious meats and create some of the best BBQ man has ever tasted. In fact, grilling is a right of passage, a clear sign into manhood (not hating against ladies, I know there are plenty that can put me to shame).  As of this point in my life, I just love reading about all of these succulent meats and seeing pictures of Green Egg’s with smoke billowing out over dry rubbed and sauced up proteins.

Like most men, I wish I had the opportunity to learn at the feet of a grill master.  For a lucky group of 60 folks, thats exactly what they got to do in Austin, TX at Camp Brisket.  Even though I wasn’t able to experience this event first hand, it pays to be in the poultry industry and get trade magazines that go into full detail of what happened behind the smokey veil.

Here are a handful of lessons I took away from the article:

  1. Meat is all about water management because the proteins we are grilling are made up of 70% water
  2. Consistency and quality control is key to getting the perfect product when batching orders. Make sure the protein is as close to the same size as possible, and make sure there are no hard edges blocking the airflow. Think mini sports cars, aerodynamics is key.
  3. If you are truly engrosed in your line of work, it isn’t because it’s your job and it pays the bills, its because its a calling. Grill master or CEO, to be successful long term and get fulfillment from it, what you do for a living is a calling.
  4. What you do must be all about people.
  5. Success is made by serving people and building a community around what you do.  Community will help you thrive and survive no matter the circumstances.
  6. Quality of meat is key. Quality can give a rookie some hope.

One day… if the stars align, I hope to go to this glorious camp and learn at the feet of some grill masters.



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