The Playground Of The Future

Forget the slides, swings, and monkey-bars that we grew up with.  The playground that is most entertaining looks nothing like the one from our past.  Let me explain…

My wife and I have been having some issues with our washer and dryer, but because all of the issues up to this point have been able to be solved by watching YouTube videos, it hasn’t been a big deal.

With the most recent issue, our dryer continually quitting on us and Lindsay having to push the button around 20 times to start the dryer to finish the load, we had decided to bite the bullet and get a new washer and dryer.

With no plans for the weekend except to purchase a new washer and dryer, we set off and started driving to a handful of stores.  Little did we know that we would stumble upon the best playground of our kids’ lives.

As we entered into the first store known for great deals with appliances, it was as if my son had died and gone to heaven.  Immediately he started running to the displays turning all sorts of knobs and opening and closing oven doors.  He would run to one, twist a knob, and then head to the next display to turn even more knobs.  He would also grab cords and try and help put them back to where they “needed to be.” He…was…in…heaven.

For our next stop we ended up going to an electronics store that had a new section for home appliances.  This time around, we carried our daughter instead of having her ride in the stroller.  Once again, my son’s face lit up as he started turning, twisting, and opening everything he could.  This time though, some of the machines were plugged in and so when he pushed buttons they made noises and lit up. #GameChanger

Our kids had a blast which made it easy for Lindsay and I to pay a little more attention to the task at hand.  After multiple hours of looking for a new washer and drier, Chick-fil-A for lunch, and a handful of phone call’s to surrounding places, we ended up deciding not to get anything.  That decision was made easier by the fact that our dryer started acting normalish by the end of the day.

Even though we didn’t end up purchasing anything, I still say we walked away with something even better than money could buy… the playground of the future.  Do you think appliance and electronics stores will host a birthday?


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