Mini Mechanic

I think I have the cutest and best helper around.  One of my favorite qualities about my son is his willingness to help.  He is always so eager to help his daddy with any “special projects” that I have, and he gets such a boost of confidence whenever he helps me or anyone else with a project.

Some of Sam’s favorite projects happen up at Pops’ cabin.  The projects range from watering the plants, feeding the deer, filling up the bird feeders, sweeping and cleaning the cabin, cutting down trees with a gas powered chainsaw, and so many of the other little projects that it takes to maintain the cabin.

The most recent project Sam was able to help on was building a car.  Now I am not saying that he is going to grow up and be a mechanic like his uncle Erik was for so many years, but I think he has got a knack for tinkering and building.  He was so good at tightening screws, handing me parts, putting in the steering wheel, hammering the hood of the car, and test driving the finished product to make sure it was road ready for his sister.

He really is one of the sweetest boys and I hope his willingness to help only increases with time. #FreeLabor.

Its moments like these where I get to teach my son simple things that I don’t take for granted.  It’s moments like these that I can teach him about patience, following instructions, and helping others that become the building blocks for when the bigger projects and issues of life come his way.


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