The Giving Cow

It is the day after one of my absolute favorite days of the year, Cow Appreciation Day.

For those of you not fortunate enough to know what I am talking about, or for those of you just living under a rock, let me explain.  One day a year a quick-service food chain called Chick-fil-A, whose mascot is a cow, gives away a ton of food.  What better way to celebrate the cow then a day giving away millions of pounds of his tasty arch enemy, the chicken, for those who wear any piece of cow paraphernalia on their body.


Cow Appreciation Day is one of the greatest marketing tools that I have seen a restaurant chain ever do.  I have also been fortunate to have gone through three appreciation days myself as I worked at a local Chick-fil-A in Marietta.

With experience on both sides of this day I believe it has given me a different perspective.  I have seen Chick-fil-A’s waste an amazing opportunity to have fun and give away food with a cheerful heart, and I have heard grand stories of cow’s playing corn-hole with customers in the parking lot.  With this Cow Appreciation Day fresh on my mind, I wanted to talk about a specific Chick-fil-A who I believe did it right.

The Chick-fil-A off of Chastain road near Kennesaw State University didn’t have cow’s dancing in the parking lot, they didn’t have a dance party going on, or even have any obnoxious large signs posted.  What this Chick-fil-A did was have a table right at their entrance with a sign telling the hours of the free give-a-way, and these little headbands.


This Chick-fil-A was going to already be giving away ten’s of thousands of dollars of chicken, but they went a step above and placed cow headbands at the front of the store to better serve their customer.  I loved it. I was blown away. For me, that is the whole reason for this post.  All because they gave with a cheerful spirit and wanted to make sure that everyone who came in could participate.

I know for me personally that there have been plenty of times when I had the opportunity to give and either didn’t, or I did it begrudgingly.  I am a thrifty guy, but I am going to take this gentle reminder from a local quick service restaurant and apply it to my life.  Who knew that a cow giving away millions of pounds of his arch enemy could teach such an impactful life lesson.

Make sure to not just give, but give generously.



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