One Million Cabin Adventures

The trip to Pops’ cabin has been looked forward to for a solid two weeks.  Every morning Sam would wake up for the past two weeks asking about Pops’ cabin, homemade ice-cream, marshmallow’s and hot chocolate, the swing, and the list could go on for days.  Sam’s enthusiasm for the cabin is insatiable and it is something that I love about him.  This kid is passionate about the things he loves and he aint afraid to admit it. (He may or may not get this from me.)

This cabin trip started off by us riding up Friday night in Pops’ car and getting some last minute groceries so we could survive the weekend.  We made it to the cabin around 6:30, well after Sam’s typical dinner time, unloaded the car, and all Sam wanted to do was make homemade ice-cream.  As I got the dinner set on the table, Sam and Pops got to work on making the worlds best homemade ice-cream.  After we finished dinner, we polished off some ice-cream and then headed downstairs for bed.

It has been great seeing Sam really grow to love the cabin and find things that he absolutely loves about it.  The room we sleep in right now he was deathly afraid of a year ago, but now, he doesn’t want to sleep anywhere else and he even only wants to use the downstairs potty.  This kid has claimed that space for himself, little does he know he will be sharing it in the future.

Saturday on the other hand started off super early for us.  For some reason I still had an alarm set on my phone for 5:30 in the morning and we were abruptly woken up,  and our day was off to an early start.  Luckily I was able to contain Sam to the bedroom as I caught a few more Z’s hoping Sam would do the same, but the lure of the wild cabin and the many adventures that awaited made it impossible for him to go back to sleep.

The rest of the day was filled with going to the bridge, going to the town for supplies for the cabin, filling up the bird feeders, dumping out corn for the deer, chopping down trees with handsaws, and many other manly things.

Eventually he tuckered out and took a nap, but was extremely disappointed when he woke up and found that the boys were no longer alone, but that the ladies had joined the party.  He literally snuggled into me for a good solid 15 minutes and wouldn’t even acknowledge his mommy.  Eventually he warmed up and we played outside and around the cabin the rest of the day.

Sam’s heart was made sooooo happy as we did so many other things that I could literally right another 15 paragraphs, but I will refrain.  I just love our little guys passion for adventure and his passion for the cabin.  I have loved seeing him grow beyond his fears and how much he really does love these times with his daddy and others.  I don’t ever want to take these moments for granted because I know these are prime opportunities to help lay a solid foundation for so many things like what it really means to be a man, responsibility, and how to have fun and safe adventures.

I’m not sure when the next trip to the cabin will be, but what I do know is that Sam is already asking to go again. #Winning


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