Ice-cream and Noble Manhood

I don’t believe I ever really considered how important it is that I spend time with just me and my son until I was running the other morning and listening to a podcast by Stephen Mansfield, “Manhood and Our Moment in Time.”

I always knew it was important for me to pour into my kids, but I never thought the father son ice-cream outings could eventually be so impactful.  What Stephen brought up in his podcast was that manhood comes with an innate responsibility to be noble and to serve for the betterment of others.

I don’t want to take these moments with my son for granted.  I want to help train and show him that manhood comes with certain obligations.  As I get the opportunity to share ice-cream, or go on walks just one on one with Sam, I want to help make it known to him that the men that we will be are the ones that make a positive difference in the world.  I want talk with him about what it means to respect women, especially his mommy and sister, work hard, give, save, lead, and so many other things.

Right now though, I am just thankful for the time we get to spend with each other.  I’m also thankful that 85% of the ice-cream made it into our bellies while the other 15% made it all over us and the chairs and pavement we were eating around.  I was also just really impressed that my son, who doesn’t like to be messy, wasn’t asking for a napkin every second as the ice-cream was melting and dripping down his hands and onto his clothes and new kicks.  #ProudDadMoment


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