Fireflies and Summer

It’s amazing how the smallest of things, like the light of a firefly, can bring you back over 20 years.

Last night as I was being super manly and doing yard work, I saw a firefly light up his little bum and fly around.  Something so small and insignificant, but it had the power to transport me back in time to my childhood.  Even though it was for a brief moment, I could see myself running around with bats and tennis rackets chasing those magical winged creatures. I can also remember hundreds of nights running around the hood and playing capture the flag, ghost in the graveyard, flashlight tag, and so much more.  I can still remember a friend getting caught on a fence and getting cut pretty bad so we had to stop the game. I remember another friend close-lining themselves on one of the large wires made to steady the power poles and breaking his clavicle.  I can even remember one of my friends, in full camo, sneaking up a creak just so we could make the perfect sneak attack on the enemy and capture their flag.  All of this… because of one tiny insignificant light.

It’s amazing how something so small can affect you.  It’s also amazing how we oftentimes overlook the small and the simple in search for what we think is so grand and amazing.

After my minute down memory lane all I could think about was making sure that my kids have similar experiences.  I don’t want them to miss the call of Summer and the impact it has on little kids.  I want them to run around with neighbors playing tag and capture the flag.  I want them to chase fireflies and for Sam to capture one for his sister.  I want them to explore and adventure all over this hood.  Most of all though, I want them to learn that even the small, weak, and seemingly insignificant have more power, potential, and impact then we think.

Sam and Emma, my small, cute, and sometimes  challenging kids, have changed me and my wife.  They have made us better, more caring, and understanding people.  It’s just so amazing how the tiniest of things have the power to transport you back over 20 years, or change the trajectory of the next 20 and beyond.


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