Out Of This World Pancakes

Every weekend Sam and I make breakfast for the ladies.  It used to be waffles from a box, but for the past couple of weeks we have been making home-made dairy, peanut, tree nut, and egg free pancakes.  I know, sounds like it would be disgusting, but these pancakes are literally out of this world.

This whole adventure of allergies has been “fun,” but I am sure glad that we are not the firs people to go through this, because people like Kelly Rudnicki, the Food Allergy Mama, have come up with some delicious recipes that even a guy like me loves to eat.  These pancakes are literally perfection. They have the perfect texture and softness on the inside, while having the perfect crispness on the outside.  You can mix in blueberries or allergy free chocolate chips.  You can do just about anything and you will still have some of the best pancakes ever.

Our morning routine may have switched a little bit, and I am sure we will make waffles with this mix eventually, but for now, it is Mickey Mouse club house pancakes for Sam, and something other than oatmeal and cereal for Lindsay and Emma to eat. #DadLifeWin


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