Building Castles

Last month our family went on our first vacation in over two years.  Now the word vacation may be a little strong, but the time away from work, and the ability to just be able to relax and get away from the craziness of normal life was great.

As much fun as the all you can eat breakfast buffet was, or all of the time in and around the pool, the room service, ice-cream, put-put and so much more, my favorite part of the whole trip though was watching my son conquer his fear of the ocean.  The memory I am taking away from this experience is my son running into the ocean grasping onto my hand with all his strength.

Through having Sam help building sand castles, we were able to get him to stretch himself and go into the ocean one small step at a time.  I loved how he went from death grip, to joyfully splashing in the ocean.  He had so much fun splashing around and filling up his bucket with water.  The reason this is so big is because my son has a lot of fears that range from seeing spider webs on his toys to using a new toothbrush or big boy toothpaste.

As I reminisce even now on this memory, I think about how I can get frustrated with Sam because he isn’t initially as adventurous as I am.  Although, if I give him time and allow him to take one step at a time, I notice that he almost always comes around to doing whatever activity we have set out to do.  I realize that as I give my son space and freedom, he slowly but surely starts to do the task.  Just as when we build sand castles or anything of importance in our lives, it takes a strong foundation, preparation, and a slow and steady pace to accomplish the task.

I’m not sure what next fear my son will conquer, but what I do know is that if I show him patience, and allow him some freedom to be himself, he will build a foundation he can be sure of, so that he can conquer what lies before him.


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