The Summer Of Grilling

My wife and I have made a declaration.  We… the Stippich family… are going to make this the Summer of grilling.  We are going to take back the pre-packaged, take-out, crockpot meals and replace them with an abundance of meats and veggies overflowing from the grates of a piping hot 500+ degree Weber grill.  With Costco membership in hand, we are vowing to fill our freezer with hot dogs, hamburgers, and other grill-able proteins because we want to set this Summer ablaze with delicious, juicy, succulent meats.

Now that our declaration has been proclaimed, we have also decided to make a point this year to really get into watching sports, starting with Americas pastime and seeing the Braves kill it in their new stadium Suntrust Park

I know it sounds weird that we are actually setting out to watch more T.V. but we are really viewing it as a time of great family bonding.  Plus, this also gives us an excuse to invite some friends over, maybe crack open a few cold ones, and just enjoy shooting the breeze.

This is going to be one epic Summer filled with meats, friends, and great memories, I mean what more could you really ask for. #SummerofGrilling


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