Hiking Into History

I love that my son is so obsessed with being outside.  It doesn’t matter if it is raining or maybe a little too chilly, when I get home from work, He says “Daddy outside, drive my car.”  I just love it.

The weekend before last was absolutely perfect.  We were able to walk to the playground in our neighborhood on Saturday and I was able to finally, by pure chance, meet one of the families that Lindsay has gotten to know since we have moved in.  On Sunday we decided to do a boys hiking trip and we went and summited Kennesaw Mountain.

As we were about to get to the trail head we ran into the City Church Marietta crew and it was great getting to say hey and for Sam to see some of his favorites, but as they took the paved path up the mountain, Sam and I took the treacherous mountain path full of crags and steep drop offs. #Hyperbole.

It was so much fun as he purposely stepped up and over every rock in the path.  I was also able to get even more of a work out as about every 200ft or so he would become tired from jumping over every rock and I would carry him on my shoulders.  Over all though, this kid was a champion and was able to hike about 40% of the time, and I guess you could color me impressed.  I am also blown away that I kept him safe the whole time and that he didn’t slip and bust a shin. #Dadwin

At multiple points we were able to stop on our journey and see some of the city scape in the distance. One of Sam’s favorite places to catch a s glimpse of was Kennestone Hospital because I told him that is where he and his little sister were born.  It’s crazy to think that three and a half years ago we were just a family of three coming out of the doors of that hospital embarking on an adventure much like the one that Sam and I had started that morning.

As we reached the end of our hike we were going to play in the field near the welcome center but that idea was disrupted by a blast from the past.  They were having a little reenactment from around the time of the civil war and had wagons, old cannonballs, and some guys around a fire making a classic ham-hock stew.  Sam loved looking in all of the boxes, and even though I told him not to touch anything,  we may or may not have walked home with a souvenir or two.

In all seriousness though, Sam loved walking around, looking at everything, seeing the fire, and talking to the guys from the past.  Just as we were about to leave, the staff they said they were going to be doing a demonstration, so we ended up staying for what turned out to be a black powder firing of a cannon.  It was sooooooo loud and Sam may have wanted to leave shortly after that, but there were no tears.

It’s moments like these that make fatherhood so much fun.  These experiences are building such a great relationship between my son and I.  It also teaches me patience, because as much as I would love to ask world altering questions to make my son think, this forces me to just enjoy the adventure with him as it comes along.  It’s moments like these that make me realize my love for my son and the adventures we share.  I can’t wait to see where this crazy journey takes us.


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