Service Never Tasted So Good

Lindsay and I recently saw one of the most magical movies, Beauty And The Beast.   Disney definitely did not disappoint as it brought to life Lindsay’s favorite princess.  I mean, it was so good. So good, that even a couple days later I am still humming some of that enchanting music to myself. #NotAshamed.

But I am not writing a review of this movie, I wanted to instead talk about the amazing level of service we received at the theater we went to, The Movie Tavern.  From the very beginning they wowed Lindsay as she was buying tickets and they did everything they could to find a discount that could help save us money out of the kindness of their heart.  We then proceeded to hand the attendants our tickets so they could direct us to our theater.  Since we were so early, Murray directed us to their lounge.  Yes, let me stop here and say that the theatre had a lounge for you to sit at. As Murray directed us to the lounge he handed us a couple of menus so that we could be looking at them and be deciding what we wanted while we waited for the theatre to be opened for seating.  A few minutes later he actually came back around to let us know that the theatre had opened up for seating. How thoughtful was that?

Within five minutes this place had me wanting to work there so I could understand what their training was as it relates to service, but I digress, and the best is yet to come.

After we sit down, we are about five feet from the screen (because in typical Paul fashion I failed to think about actually pre-purchasing the tickets).  Being so up close to the screen gave us a lovely view of the more than life size images that would appear on the screen and a slight crick in our necks.  As we sat down our server came over to us, placed our order, and Lindsay and I were officially pumped to finally relax and just enjoy the show. Let me add in here that it has been way too long since we have actually gone out on a date just us two. We have had a few attempts, but they all ended in abject failure.

The food, which was just ok, came and we had one of the tastiest beverages of our lives. I completely forget the name but it was so refreshing and I’m pretty sure didn’t have too much alcohol because Lindsay, the lightweight that she is, wasn’t even phased by the drink… so proud of her.  The whole night could not have gone any better, but then we received one last surprise.  We needed to get change back from our bill and so our server, #BlessHisHeart, gave us the folder with our change and left. Well as I opened it up, I noticed that it had the incorrect change, but it wasn’t something to get angry about because it had over $60.00 in it.  I MEAN COULD THIS PLACE GET ANY BETTER!?!?!  We got a total free experience. This place and their service is just unparalleled.  But seriously, I had to hunt him down and he was super grateful that I didn’t walk away with his tips from this movie showing.

Overall, Lindsay and I were both blown away by the attention to detail and level of service.  These guys know what you want even before you ask. How do I know, well it’s because I had to use the restroom before the movie started, and as I walked out of the theatre with a look of confusion a staff member says, “The restrooms are right over there,” and points to the doors just a few feet over to my left.  She said that after three years she knew that look, and it was easy to tell what I needed.

The attention and care that The Movie Tavern puts into their customers is just fantastic. Their service is just so good and it has definitely made me want to come back.


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