What Can One Drink Change?

We recently did another boy’s day trip up to Pops’ Cabin.  These trips have truly turned out to be some of the most relaxing and inspiring trips one could ever dream of.  It truly is great to be invested in and to get some time to adventure and relax.

This boys trip started off with the typical morning drive up to the cabin, but it ended up being very different when one roadside sign led us through some of the windiest backroads that can make the most expiernced navigator a little queasy.  We ended up at Gibbs Gardens in Ball Ground, GA.  It is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and will definitely be doing a return trip.

After we briefly visited the gardens, we headed up to one of our main destinations for the trip, Blue Ridge.  We needed to get some more seed for the bird feeders that Sam loves to help fill up, and we needed to get some of the best tea you can buy.  Before all of these errands though, we needed to grab lunch so we stopped at Joe’s BBQ.  Joe’s is this small little BBQ shop at the top of the hill that looks unassuming, but it houses not only some of the best smells and most delicious and succulant meats you could ever taste, but it is also home to the record for of not only TripAdvisor’s best BBQ in the southeast, but in the whole country.  The ribs were great, the sides of mac and cheese and baked beans paired perfectly, and the 4 different sauces available made every bite unforgettable.

As great as the food was though, what really set this place apart was the service. Yes, it was nice getting to talk to Joe himself, but his staff and the service they offered is what really set this place apart.  When we ordered our meals, they asked us the best follow up question that I never expected… “Would he”, referring to Sam, “like some milk?” Now this doesn’t seem like a strange question until you realize that they didn’t have that as a choice on the menu.  Earlier that day though, one of the employees had brought in a fresh gallon of milk so she could later use it on her cereal.  Recognizeing that they didn’t really have a kid friendly drink, she offered up her milk as an option.  I mean my mouth quite literally dropped.  Recognizing the potential needs of your customers and going above and beyond to meet them is what sets businesses apart, and Joe and his staff get that.

I can tell you one thing, when we are in Blue Ridge and in need of some of the best smoked meats that are cooked low and slow, Joe’s BBQ is the only place to go.


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