What I Learned From Watching The Bachelor

The words you are about to read are not my own because I would never be caught dead watching The Bachelor.  I hired out a ghost writer who goes by the name Luap. So without further ado… here is what I, I mean here is what HE learned from watching The Bachelor.

When watching The Bachelor, you get to see so many things. All the way from city drama, to men crying in every episode and everything in between.  Surprisingly enough, there were some actual things I learned and took away from watching it.

First things first, mind your own dang business.  It is amazing to see how these girls are trying to manipulate the situation and talk about what someone else did instead of worrying about themselves and their personal relationship with the bachelor. When you are focusing on everything else around you except what you are doing, that is a prime recipe for disaster and for you to end up without a rose.

As a man, it’s ok to cry, even on national T.V.


Don’t get swept up in the moment and just stay there. Life may be made up by moments, and we need to fully experience them when they are happening, but they will come to an end.  Heck… even Bachelor in Paradise comes to an end eventually.  Make sure you are fully present where you are so you can fully experience the moment, but remember that it will come to an end. So take away what you can, but remember that it is just another step in this journey we call life.

Life isn’t a fairytale. It is hard work.  Once the cameras, free trips, and free alcohol are gone, you are going to go back to reality and live with the choices that you have made.  Remember, life is not just one long moment, so make smart choices that will help be a building block for a better tomorrow whether you end up with a rose or not.

Lastly,  ladies love roses. When ladies don’t get a rose, they start boohooing and walk away.  When they get that beautiful flower, they are all smiles and give you smooch. Tears or kisses, not a hard choice.

#ProTip Get your lady a rose.



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