Sweet Sweet Balentines Day

Now I know this post is coming over a week after Valentines day has ended, but I just had to share my son’s cuteness, the experiences my wife created, and the fact that I may be just a teensy bit jealous of my son.

Jealous about what you ask? Well, let me break it down for you. Remember back in the day when nothing ever went wrong and we went to our favorite place in the world…school? Well on Valentines day I am sure that we all remember going to school thrilled because we knew that we were going to be getting awesome Valentines from all of the kids in class. Sometimes you struck gold, depending on the size of your class. And yes, I may have just a teensy bit of a longing for those much sweeter and simpler times where you gave your special valentines an extra heart sticker. Ahhhhh, true wuv.

Outside of my jealousy, I must say that I am really loving the stage of life that my son is in, and the fact that he is so into helping.  The Saturday before Valentines day Lindsay brought out the Pillsbury Dough Boy cupcake mix and icing and made some cupcakes with lovely pink frosting and red and white heart shaped sprinkles. I wish I could post a video, but I have the basic wordpress subscription. It was of Sam pressing the Dough Boy’s belly because I taught him how to do the “whooooo whooooo” and “heeeee heeeee” sound.  It was so much fun and he did such a great job helping bake the cupcakes and creating his Valentines for his class.

One of the last things we did was we shared some of his creations with our neighbors and brightened some folks’ day.  It really is just the best thing in the world living in such a great neighborhood with fantastic neighbors.  #Blessed.


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