The Next Master Chef Jr.

Our little man just loves to help his mommy and daddy with whatever we are doing.  Everything from cleaning and fixing up the house, to cooking meals and baking treats.   In fact, he loves helping in the kitchen so much that Santa even brought our little man a play kitchen for Christmas. By the way, his play kitchen is nicer than our actual kitchen and has a subway tile backsplash and faux granite counter tops. Lindsay and I be straight jelly, which means jealous for you folks that may not be as hip to the jive that kids are using these days.

Every chance our little man gets to help Lindsay or myself in the kitchen, he is all about it.  He loves to pour ingredients and whip them all together.  It is one of the cutest things to watch him grab on of the kitchen chairs and push it over to the counter, climb on up, and be so thrilled to help.  I seriously hope that in the next year or two he is just as passionate about cooking and baking, because Lindsay and I will be leaving all of the cooking up to him.

Future Mrs. Stippich… #yourwelcome.


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