Best Little Helper

Over this past Christmas holiday, I had a few projects that were put on my honey-do-list.  The projects were not anything too scary, unless you consider my background with wiring in light fixtures, and I had the best helper one could ask for… Sam.

I love my son to death and I especially love his desire to be with his daddy and help me do all sorts of projects.  In fact, one of my favorite things to hear about is when Lindsay can’t do or fix something, Sam always says, “When daddy gets home.”  #dadwin

As I started saying a paragraph ago, my wife had lined up some projects for me, putting up a new outside light fixture and replacing two toilets, during some much needed vacation time.

The light fixture was actually fairly simple, and yes… I did turn off the correct breaker so there was no electricity running to it.  Sam wanted to be outside with daddy as I took down the old fixture and put in the new one so I figured now was as good a time as any to teach him basic wiring.  I kid I kid (Although he helped screw in the bracket that the light fixture attaches to.)

The second project of replacing the toilets went super smooth. In fact, I had a whole team of helpers for this project: Lindsay (my wife), April (my sister), and Sam.  Sam helped me take out the toilets and put in the two bolts that the base of the toilet attaches to and he even did the finishing touch of attaching the toilet seat on one of the toilets.  My sister wanted to learn how to remove and install a toilet so I jumped on the opportunity to show her and Lindsay did a great job helping as well, but back to the star of the story… Sam.

Sam was just a true champion over this holiday break and I love being able to have him help me with all sorts of projects, which is something my dad used to do with me.  I want my son to remember these times as being fun and so I want him to be as involved in this process as possible, even if it adds time to the project.  He just loves helping his daddy and it has been fun hearing him talk about his favorite new potty, and how cool the new light is. This kid… be still my heart.


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