Preparing For Poop

One of the lessons I have learned from my wife is that it pays to be prepared.  I’m not saying I just lived life all willy nilly before I met her, but lets just say that before Lindsay, writing a to do list never even crossed my mind.

I recently got the opportunity to travel for work and a couple nights before I left, Lindsay strongly suggested that I get prepped and create a little check list to make sure that I didn’t forget anything in the morning.  Thank God she was so insistent and that I have learned over the years to take her advice, because at 6:00AM on the morning I was leaving for New Market, VA, poop happened.

I get the opportunity to change my daughters diaper when she first gets up every morning.  I take this time to pull her tight to my chest and whisper, “Good morning princess.”  I then put her on her changing table and then get to work handling the very full diaper.  After I change her I pick her back up, hold her close and rock her in my arms and before I place her back in her crib I whisper, “Good night princess.”

As I was whispering goodnight, something pungent hit my nostrils.  It was the smell of poop.  I had just changed the dirty diaper, but it hit me that my chest felt a little cool and damp.  I got closer to the light and I realized that her poop had exploded all over her, and therefor was now all over my chest.  Some sweet little princess I have.

Thankfully, I was all ready to go except this last little daddy duty, but only because my wife had helped me out in actually getting prepared.  No matter if it is for a family trip, business trip, project, or festivity we are going to, I am so thrilled my wife is a pre-planner.  She has saved my life more than once, and especially on a morning where I couldn’t afford to be scrambling for an extra shirt and get everything else ready so I could leave.

Gentleman, don’t be an idiot… listen to the Mrs. She has got pearls of wisdom that you so desperately need to hear.


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