Starting Traditions: Part 1

One of the things I am most excited about with having a family, is starting our own traditions.  Right now, we don’t have that many, but I know as our kids get older and the years continue to move along, we will come up with some great ones.

I should also mention that this post is partly inspired by the show This Is Us, it is so stinkin good.  They recently had an episode called “Pilgrim Rick”, and it was about their Thanksgiving and all the traditions they had and the reasons behind them.  Lets just say I became kinda jealous and also inspired.

For Thanksgiving, I am starting a good ol’ tradition of going on a jog through the neighborhood to start off the day burning a few extra calories before we gorge ourselves on turkey, ham, sweet potato casserole, creamy mashed potatoes, decadent pumpkin cheese cake, out of this world green beans, and so many other decadent and savory dishes that crown our tables.

The next tradition that I want to start is throwing the proverbial pigskin after we get done eating our Thanksgiving feast and then later settle down to watch the professional’s play football.

One of the longest traditions we have going with our family is decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  This year is a little more exciting, because it is the first year in our new home, and the second one where I actually have the day off without taking a vacation day.

The last thing that may possibly be a tradition is cooking a homemade pie and an awesome home cooked meal on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  This year, it actually happened on Sunday, but we realized that we don’t want to do anything but lounge around on the last day of vacation together.  Why go crazy cooking and cleaning when all you hopefully really want to do is just spend a little time relaxing together.

These are all of the turkey day traditions we currently have.  Most of these traditions will stay and some may go, but I know as the years continue we will be sure to create some amazing memories as our Stippich family traditions actually start to take root and become just that: real, authentic, looked forward to activities.


5 thoughts on “Starting Traditions: Part 1

  1. How sweet! Your traditions will grow as your family grows. My children are 13 and 16 and all the little things we do mean so much to them.

      • Packing the kids in the car one evening and driving through town to look at lights. Then coming home to hot cocoa and reading one of our many Christmas books. When the kids were little we would buy 1-2 Christmas books every year and we still read them during the holiday season.

      • We do the same thing with packing our kids into the car and driving around looking at lights. We also just broke out his Christmas books we got him last year. Holidays are the best.

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