Just A Manager

The Lord has been teaching me a lot this year, and most of those lessons have been around the word “relax”.  This later part of the year though has been focused on learning about money, God’s resources, and the role I play with them.

As I have been learning more about budgeting, saving, retirement, and giving, the Lord has made it abundantly clear that I am just a manager.  “The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof,” Psalm 24:1 ESV.  Quite literally this means that everything that we have is the Lord’s. Yes, we may have worked from 9-5 to get it, but the Lord has blessed us with the skills and abilities to work and get paid.  Even though you get your money from your employer, let’s not forget where it ultimately came from.


This is actually a nice stress relief because it really plays into the fact that I don’t need to have a scarcity mindset.  If everything is the Lords and he is the one who provides, the God who created the universe can probably help and provide more of what my wife and I need.  The crazy thing is, as we have been generous and given what we believe God has called us to give, the Lord has consistently provided all we have needed for the month.  His provision comes from work, family, and other places, but it has been refreshing and humbling to see the Lord provide in multiple ways.

This fact of being a manager of God’s money also makes me want to budget even more so we can use his money wisely and obtain financial freedom with His favor.  At this point, like most everyone else, we are decades away from true financial freedom, but as we handle money His way, we know we will eventually be free from all chains and bonds that money causes.

In this whole process of learning, I have loved that my wife has really joined in the conversation and brought up some great ideas. From different ways to budget, making extra money, giving, and just all around giving me sound advice.  I love having her input because everything that is “mine” is really ours.  I wouldn’t want to manage this huge challenge with anyone else.

I am not sure where this financial journey will lead, but I do know some of the pitstops, and I can’t wait to celebrate when we reach those milestones.


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