Boy’s Night

Boy’s nights are looking a little different as of recently.  Ever since this little Georgia peach came into existence, things have understandably changed.


I remember when Sam and I would go on walks on a local trail that would lead to Town Center Mall and we would stroll around, look at books, get cupcakes, and play the night away.  Nowadays we are at home, snuggled up in mine and Lindsay’s bed watching Thomas for ten minutes before he realizes that Sid the Science  Kid is what he really wants to watch.  Ahh kids and their fickle little minds.


I loved taking Sam on long walks and doing fun little errands and adventures for boys nights, but I will be more than happy with little cuddles from this guy.

Here is a Pro-Tip for when this stage of life comes around for others though: Stay off the durn cell phone.  I caught myself about five minutes into watching Thomas, which sadly isn’t as great as I remember it, that I could technically hide my phone from his view and read up on things (scrolling through Facebook).  Even though this isn’t an epic moment or something he will probably remember, I want to be present.  I want him to know that I am focused on him and that this time I get means more to me than anything in the world.



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