Firefighters and Unicorns

I’m going to come right out and say it, I stinkin love our neighborhood. Celebrating Halloween was so much fun.  It was crazy seeing the hoards of kids and parents walking up and down our streets.  We even had a couple of cul-de-sacs that had dance parties going on and all the houses joined together and had lots of food and candy to pass out for the kids.

The best part was not only continuing traditions from my wife’s childhood, cooking chili and hot dogs for dinner, but we were also able to create some new ones with some friends and family and also our awesome neighbors. I LOVE THE HOLIDAYS!!!

We honestly weren’t sure how the night would go, but Emma handled it like a champ and even fell asleep in Lindsay’s arms.  We also could not be more proud of our little guy.  He did such an amazing job ringing doorbells and knocking on doors to get that free candy. Plus he even said “Trick or treat,” and “Thank you” after he got his candy.  We raising this kid to be a polite mooch y’all.  Once he was done collecting his candy, he would turn around, point to the next house and say “Trick or treat dat house.” It was so much fun being a part of the Halloween festivities in our own neighborhood and seeing everyone get so into it.

As the night winded down, Sam was getting a glazed over look, but with each time we collected the candy he would say “one more house.” One of the cutest parts of the whole night though, besides our kids just being their adorable selves, is when Sam wanted to hold Pop’s hand the whole time as he walked from door to door.

I can’t wait til next year already and getting to walk around with our cute adorable crew.  This is just going to get better and better, and maybe one day, we can hit all 600 homes that are in our neighborhood. #Lifegoals


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