Once Upon A Time

One of my favorite things to do as a dad at nighttime is to tell my little man a story. There was a brief season where he didn’t want me to tell him one, but now we are in full swing and every night we get to go on a different adventure to magical lands where anything is possible.


I think one of my favorite parts about telling these stories is that it seems he waits on every word I say with baited breath.  Even though my story telling skills lack a certain jenesequa, he makes me feel like a story telling champion.  I love that he laughs at my stories and helps me by throwing in his own little plot twists as the characters weave in and out of epic adventures, safety, and different lands.

I think what has helped bring these stories to life is using the same three characters: Ham = Sam, Memmet = Bennett (his best friend), and Lemma = Emma (his adorable sister). Ham and Memmet go on nightly adventures to far off lands. Every night I start off by saying, “There once was a boy named…” and I wait for Sam to fill in the pause and he says, “Ham.”  Then I go on and say “Who lived in a far off…” and Sam says, “Land.”  It’s just the cutest start to a story ever.  Every night is a new adventure with a different problem or we just keep it classy and make it a fun and magical journey.

I hope he never wants me to quit telling stories.  It brings me such joy to share something I love with him, and I hope that one day he gets to do this as well.

Whelp, here’s to hoping that we will always get lost in a good story.



2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time

  1. My dad used to make up stories every night. Gulliver was the main guy and sometimes Gulliver stories would continue into the next night for weeks like epic sagas. I wish I had inherited the story making gene! Guess I will stick to piles of books 📚📚 Way to go creating special memories with your kiddo!

    • I am not at the point of Epic sagas, but maybe one day I will get to that level, and Sam loves his books as well. That man will break out his Spiderman flashlight and “read” well after we tuck him in.

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