Playing Down Memory Lane

I think one of the coolest things as a parent, outside of your kid winning a Nobel award, is when you can pass on your old toys to them.  I’m not talking about your raggedy blankets or stuffed animals with no eyeballs, or even creepy dolls whose eyes seem to follow you no matter where you go. images  I am talking about the good ol’ classics like legos, American Girl dolls, train sets, and all of those Little People toys.

It brings me great joy that Sam, and eventually Emma, is playing with all of Lindsay and my old stuff.  I am glad that our parents were hoarders of the good stuff and kept these magical treasures, because it brings these feelings of nostalgia and times in your life when nothing could go wrong.

Seeing Sam finally do some imaginary play, even if it’s with his tiny vacuum cleaning his plastic house, has been so much fun to witness. (Side note: You are welcome future daughter-in-law.)  I have loved watching Sam play and build tall towers of legos that reach the ceiling, or see him race cars over houses and through buildings.  I’m glad my son is finally at this fun stage. Now Lindsay and I can break out all of our favorite toys from our past and play with them without seeming delusional and like we have snapped from the pressures of parenting.

Playing down memory lane, it’s just the best.


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