Pumpkin Patch!!!

Folks, it’s time to start sharing some of the seasonal posts. Get ready, because this holiday season is officially in full swing.

This past weekend we went to Berry Patch Farms with some of our friends.  It truly was a magical time full of stress, anxiety, frustration, and tears, just as every family outing should be.

It all starts with us being late in meeting our friends, the Peters’, at the pumpkin patch due to us not getting pre-ready because we only go everything together once they said they were on their way.  Then, once we arrived, we followed a huge line of cars down to parking, where everyone was parked together like a can of sardines. As we started walking to where all the fun was, Sam takes a huge spill in the middle of a crowd and eats a little dirt.  I know, horrible parenting on my part because I was a mile ahead as Lindsay, who is holding Emma, and Sam were rushing to catch up.

Well we finally meet the up with our friends and quickly buy some popcorn to distract our little man and take the annual obligatory family fall photo.


Yes, I am well aware it looks like I have a toupee on.

All is going well until the line for the hay ride shrinks down to where we would be the next group on.  As soon as the tractor that would be pulling us comes into view Sam starts getting nervous, shoving more popcorn in his face, and eventually comes to tears. This kid, although he talks a big game about tractors like he loves them, is deathly afraid because of the loud noise.

As the rest of our group gets on the tractor to be lazily strolled to the pumpkins, Sam and I have to trek across a field on foot to get to the pumpkin patch.  As we are walking he keeps reminding me, “No tractor,” and “I wan’t mommy.”

We eventually make it to the promise land, but where all of the big pumpkins are is also where all the tractors drop off and pick up everyone so it takes us a little longer take the next fall photo.

As our anxiety causing time comes to a close and my entire family is worn out from the crowds, Lindsay and I talk about how crazy and stressful this is with two little ones. We have no idea how others do this pumpkin patch thing so easily.  Drugs, or bribery of treats must be involved.

I love crowds and creating moments, but I need to realize that the way I wan’t to create moments and memories may not always be the best.  Life, surprisingly enough, isn’t just about me.  It seems in making memories I actually need to figure out a way to make it enjoyable and a positive experience for all.

Happy Fall Y’all.



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