Free Is Pretty Alright With Me.

As those of you who have read a post or two from this blog may know, I love free. It is perhaps one of my favorite things, probably to my own detriment. In fact, if you mention the words free and food together, I may even run over a small child to get to where you are.

Case in point, forgive me Lord for admitting this, the Chick-fil-A’s in the Atlanta market had a large breakfast give-away these past two Tuesdays and I may have driven to three separate stores just to get that perfectly fried piece of chicken in-between those buttery pieces of goodness.  Now before you all get all judgy, I gave two of the three biscuits to my coworkers as a little morning surprise.


Another example, surprisingly with nothing to do with free food, was when I was invited to go golfing with a carrier who we use to ship product for the company I work for a couple of Sunday’s ago. Yes, you heard correctly. I had the opportunity to celebrate the Lord in the very best of ways, out on a golf course in the middle of his creation.  Well it just so happened that my wife and son were feeling a little under the weather and I was faced with a literal crisis, shirk my responsibilities as a husband and father, or get on on the course and enjoy a beautiful game of golf.  Now this choice was fairly easy, shirk my responsibilities.


But for serious, I called the carrier and stayed home to help take care of my wife and son, plus I finished putting up a chandelier in our dining room. BONUS!

I tell this story not to brag, well… not totally brag, but because it illustrates a great point that I read from Dave Ramsey’s EntreLeadership book. The point was that free is nice, but if it doesn’t fit within your priorities, it isn’t worth it.  This was a nice gut check for me, and I will be doing my best to use it as a filter as more free opportunities come my way.


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