Poppin da Popcorn

This kids passion for popcorn is not just undeniable, it is super cute.  I mean just take a look at this little clip on my Facebook page. ( I would post it here on the site, but that would require me to upgrade to a paid subscription, which doesn’t fit into our budget at this point.)  I digress.

This past weekend we had a fun movie night where we broke out Pops’ popcorn machine and made some good ol’ fashioned popcorn, the right way.  I love being able to have moments like this as a family where we can do something out of the norm like eat special weekend cereal on the weekends or do special trips on a Sunday morning to get mommy a special treat.  It is moments  like these that I think are going to make up some pretty great childhood memories.   These are the moments I live for as a parent and that I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for.

To me, the little popcorn video just reminds me that no matter if we do something big and grand, or something tiny, just creating unique moments with the family is what truly matters and what our kids need and long for.





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