Big Boy Ahead

My little man turned three this past weekend.  I mean, where has all of the time gone?  This past week has been full of such twists and turns of emotions it is leaving me a wreck. I am pumped that he is getting older and able to do more and go on adventures, but I am also sad that my little baby is now becoming a big boy.


This year has been full of a ton of transitions for him that he has handled very well.  We have a new house, which means a new room, and to throw him even more of a curve ball we gave him a big boy bed (thanks Weavers). He has also gone from a two day preschool class to a three day and they even added on a lunch hour.  Lindsay has started really molding our son into being the perfect husband as she lets him help her clean the house… you are welcome future Mrs. Stippich. He even has a brand new, fresh, out of the oven sister.

I can’t even handle his cuteness and I love all of his little quirks and the fact that he follows rules so well, but that isn’t what this post is really about.  I am here today to reflect on this past year with my son.  As I have done this in the past, I have walked away with a clear mind and conscious, but this year is just a little different.

As I look back over this past year I have loved that I have been more intentional about taking our little man on adventures and helped push him to do some things that he may not have wanted to initially do.  I have loved getting to witness how well he handles change and how much he already loves the biggest disruption to his life, his cute baby sister, Emma.  I stinkin love my son and couldn’t be more thrilled with how this past year went, because being his father has taught me patience, which I still have worlds more to learn about and actually put into practice.  The only thing that I want to change from this year to the next though is being more intentional with my time after I come home from work throughout the week.

This past year has been a whirlwind in many ways with my new position, which has meant many late nights and busy weekends.  There seems to always be a fire that I can put out at work.  For instance, when I took my lunch break to surprise my son and meet him for his birthday lunch at the good ol’ Chick-fil-A, I kept getting calls and texts about things going on at work.  It was something rather urgent, but in truth, it can wait because there is nothing more important than being present in the moment with my son at his surprise birthday lunch.  I am shipping chicken, not saving lives.  Yes, there are things that I can only do in this position, but the memories I want my son to have of me are not ones of saving the chicken world, but ones where I am present, focused, and in the moment.

The legacy that I want to leave and impart to my family is not one of always being busy and saving the world while they fade into the background.  Instead, I want a legacy where family is first and moments aren’t burnt up by the fires at work.


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