Time Is A Luxury We All Have

The luxury of time is something we all have. Yep, that’s right… I said it and I will say it again.  Time is a luxury we all have.IMG_0388

Now I know the initial thoughts some people are having are “Stippichio, I am working 18 jobs, get three hours of sleep, make almost no money, have two kids, both under the age of three…” There really is a list of a million things that steal our time, but regardless of our situation, time is a luxury we all have.  The only thing is, how are you using it?

I know that when we hear others tell us we have plenty of time, it is like a nice slap in the face, but it’s true.  Whether it is a financial goal, family goal, marriage related goal, cosplay goal (Thats for all you folks at Dragon Con this week in the ATL), we have plenty of time to accomplish it.

For Lindsay and I, we have dreams of great vacations, or really just getting out of the house with no kids for more than an hour.  We also have financial and savings goals that we want to reach, and every time we think about these things, anxiety and pressure start to build. When these moments come our parents remind us and say, “You all are still so young and have plenty of years to reach your goals.  We didn’t do what we do now at your age.  You will eventually have the time and money.”  Once I let those words wash over me, I start to realize that those goals are not going to be met in a day, but instead, one chunk, one bite, one milestone at a time.

I swear though, my wife Lindsay is so much better than me at grasping onto the concept that we have time.  When I find myself  running a million miles an hour towards a goal, she likes to pump the breaks and give the gentle reminder that we are only 29, and that we have plenty of time.

Maybe one day I won’t be like a kid in a candy shop always running towards my goals that seem so sweet and awesome.  Until then, I am going to do my best to listen to my wife and those around me and slow down and pace myself, so that with the help of time, I accomplish my goals.


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