The Reward of Patience.

One thing that may come as a shock is that sometimes I am not the most patient person, but who really is?  I realize that I am impatient about the silliest things as well.  I find myself wanting Sam to be more like how I envisioned myself as a kid, adventurous and willing to try anything, but I realize that is not who my little guy is.  Instead, he is more cautious like his mother.

At times this has been so frustrating.  When we go to birthdays or other social events with him, he likes to hang back and sometimes is too nervous to play with the kids, or jump on the big bouncy houses, or even ride his little motorized airplane, or be pushed in his red wagon.

As frustrating as all of this is, I have to take a moment to remember that my son isn’t me, but he is his own unique self.  I have to show patience and lovingly encourage my son to try new things, all while not forcing him to do what he doesn’t really want to do.

The crazy thing is, without fail, when I ask Sam about the birthday party, event, or playtime we just had, he always answers in such a positive way and talks about it for hours and maybe even days later.  Even though he didn’t do the things I would have done, he truly enjoyed the experience. As Lindsay and I have both shown patience and not forced him to play on his motorized airplane or any of the other adventurous things we would like him to do, like ride his rocking horse or to be pulled in his wagon, he ends up doing them all on his own.  He is now an expert pilot, loves rocking on the horse, and enjoys being pulled really fast in his wagon.


As tough as it is, I realize that my son isn’t me and that I need to be showing patience in all situations with him, because when I do, I see that he is really enjoying life and he becomes proud of the accomplishments that he has done all on his own.  Patience to let my son grow on his own really has been the most rewarding thing for me as a parent.


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