An Elephant Never Forgets

My sons memory is a lockbox.  Lindsay and I are in shock with how good his memory really is. I bet there is going to eventually come a day when Sam says, “Mom…Dad… remember 12 years ago when you promised you would do this? ”

We have to be so careful with our conversations in the car because not only is he really soaking up every word we say, our conversations also spark memories that we don’t want him to relive, like ones of the mean old doctor.  If you mention the words choke in conjunction with a picture of monkey’s, this kid will start talking about his sick visit to the doctor and continue on for a good thirty minutes recounting all of the horrors of the doctor making him choke and what him and Lindsay did after.

He also brings up Cow almost every time we go to church.   Not that sentence is not grammatically incorrect and what or who is Cow you ask?  Well that is because this past Easter, North Metro Church had their annual block party and Chick-fil-A catered dinner for everyone.  Well Chick-fil-A made sure that Cow was there and Sam remembers playing with Cow and giving high-fives and still brings up that memory months later.

Just this past weekend we dropped off a meal for some of our friends, the Andretta’s, because they just had their baby boy. Well as we started nearing the neighborhood Sam started saying, “Happy Birthday. Piano.” For the life of me I couldn’t think of why he started saying those words until I remembered that back in May we went to their house to celebrate Danny being in a new decade.

The best part is how Sam’s memory seems to work flawlessly until you ask him where the key to the front door is that you saw him playing with thirty minutes ago and he leads you on a wild snipe hunt around the whole house to where he “thinks” he left it. Then you come to find it when you are cleaning under his booster seat, that is strapped on to his chair in the kitchen, and realize that you have just thwarted his master plan to break out of the house.

This kids memory is a great thing and massively impressive.  I just hope he does much better then his dad when it comes to names because that would be a huge win.  All I know is that Lindsay and I are in for a trip, because that 12 years down the road thought I mentioned at the top is totally going to come full swing and it will end with Lindsay and I stumbling over words to try and figure out or next parenting move.


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