A Legacy of Samford

Details are important.  They can make or break the kind gestures that we try to do.  Sometimes, as in the one I am about to share, when details are missed, it is something that is so easy to overlook because the gesture is so kind.  There are also other times when the details are missed, and it can cause for some unsatisfying errors.  The story I am thinking about is when a restaurant that my father in law frequents quite often accidentally made their donut balls with salt in place of the sugar.  Mmmmm Tasty.

Now to the real story.  The other day my wife got a package from Samford University in the mail.  I thought that it just had some packet asking for financial support, but to our surprise, it didn’t have a donation request, but instead it held a little gift.

This was one of the sweetest gestures, but as you can see from the letter, the onesie was technically for our almost three year old son instead of our newborn daughter. As I said earlier, details are important.  Regardless of this little oversight, this is still one of the sweetest gestures we have received from a government institution.  I mean my alma mater  hasn’t sent me anything congratulating me for bringing two potential future college students into the world.

Samford does a lot of things well.  One area of excellence is caring about their community, and another  is growing their legacy of excellence.  Little gestures like this puts them at the top of my list for potential schools and assures me that they haven’t forgot about my wife, and still consider her a part of their growing legacy.  I just can’t wait until Emma finally gets her onesie…even if it does come three years later.



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