Money Is King And Grace Is Overrated.

My wife and I have been on this financial journey for awhile now.  It has come with a  lot of ups and downs and some great lessons.  This past week I was slapped in the face with a reminder that I am still breaking myself of the love of money, and the fact that I get to add another “You’re the worst” trophy to my mantle.  I think I am up to five or six trophies now…goodness I am on fire.

As some of you may know, Lindsay and I moved into our new house just over four months ago and we have done quite a few things to make it our “forever home.”  Currently my wife is having the itch to give our dining room a makeover and that means I get the pleasure of breaking out my painting skills.  Lindsay and her aunt, who is an amazing interior decorator, had been conspiring last week and decided on some potential paint colors for the room.  Lindsay took our daughter Emma on some errands, one of which was to pick up some Sherwin Williams samples, and I took Sam on some errands, one of which was to pick up some paint samples from Home Depot.

As Sam and I were being manly men with our shirts off running and skating through the isles of Home Depot like any manly man does at home depot, I get a call from Lindsay.  She said she thinks we got the paint names mixed up and that I grabbed the wrong ones from Home Depot.  She also mentions that Sherwin Williams didn’t have the paint colors she wanted and that they had to make up their own mixture and do the best color match to the swatches that Lindsay brought.  I thought that was strange but didn’t think too much of it. After Sam and I stop doing all the manly things men do at Home Depot, we went home to discover what really happened.

It turns out that Lindsay had accidentally requested the wrong paint samples from Sherwin Williams. The color samples that she requested were the ones that you would get at Home Depot.  I was pretty frustrated because that meant that Lindsay wasted a trip out and that I would have to do an extra run to Sherwin Williams when I didn’t have to.  I kept harping on this mistake for about ten minutes and couldn’t get over how we not only wasted a trip, but also $10.00.


I know… just reading this you all are thinking “what an idiot,” but it gets better. Well I huff and puff all the way back to Sherwin Williams knowing that we are going to have to buy more paint.  As I get to the front counter and tell them of our mistake, the lady goes above and beyond and does an exchange on the paint samples when on the receipt it clearly says there would absolutely be no returns of any kind.  I mean wow, just a nice punch to the gut as my world comes to a halt with an act of undeserved and rule breaking generosity.

When I get home I have the fun task of apologizing for being such a big dummy and responding like that with Lindsay.  It is never my goal to belittle or make her feel bad.  I know that as  a husband I still have some massive growing to do.  As I look back,  my response to her accident communicated that money is king and that I have no grace.

I’m thankful that my wife is so understanding, forgiving, and that she puts up with my stupidity.  I’m also grateful that she doesn’t just accept me for my shortcomings and short fuse, but that she helps guide me and gently nudge me to have more grace, be more  generous, and have a longer fuse.  IMG_3050


2 thoughts on “Money Is King And Grace Is Overrated.

  1. Oh, Paul….you tug at my heart! What a God honoring thing to do! You richly honor your wife by being willing to humble yourself and admit a shortcoming…..such a testimony…

    • Thank you. It is definitely not something that comes naturally, but something I want to do more of. At this point, I am just trying to learn how to be the best husband I can be for her. Thanks for the encouragement and sweet note.

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