Trusting Our Little Man.


Why do I have a picture of a doorknob  you ask, it’s because it represents trust.  What used to be on that doorknob was one of those child proof doorknob things that “kept” Sam from getting out of his room, but recently we decided to extend him some trust.

IMG_0055We know we are super fortunate that we have such a good rule follower, most of the time.  We also know that what we are doing isn’t the typical, but it’s working so far.  Part of the rules that he is following is that he isn’t allowed to get up and leave his room until his alarm clock, which he calls his bubble, turns green.

Now this has been a raging success… well sort of.  Right at seven AM (Eastern Time in case you were wondering) when his bubble glows green, he leaps out of bed, swings open the door, darts towards our room and slowly…like a creeper, opens our door.  At this point I am already at work, but he has been “waking” Lindsay up a couple of times.  Just recently he has gotten out of his bed and gone to Lindsay at 6:30 AM because of this and 6:55 AM because of that  The good thing has been that every time she tells him to go back to bed and wait till his bubble turns green, he does it and he stays there.

I know that in the future my son will go rogue and break our trust and we will have to take back some of the rope we are giving him, but I also know that to earn more trust, he has to be given some.  I never thought that my almost three year old would have this much freedom, but lets just say he has quite a bit of his mommy in him when it comes to following the rules.



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