3 Words To Live By

Just do it.  These words, besides being a part of one of the greatest slogans of all time, are life altering and hard to swallow.

I know for me that there have been countless times that I have been on the cusp of starting something possibly grand and epic, but instead of taking the last step, I stopped right where I was.  So instead of living in Alaska for a year, living in Guatemala doing missions with my wife, serving in the local community, missing conferences, or not taking my son outside on our next big adventure… I never got off the platform.

As we look back at our lives we can think of countless times when we shoulda woulda coulda done something but we chose to squash that burning desire and turn down the volume of three words screaming in our heads, Just do it.  I am not here to blog about regrets though, because in pondering all of these choices, I absolutely love where I am in life and I have had countless adventures like living in East Asia for 6 weeks, setting up mission trips in Alaska for 3 months, supported my wife in her dream of being a stay at home mom, and taken my son on his first hike a couple of weeks ago.  I mention all of this because I know that following these three words is one of the hardest things to do because it is so easy to just stay on the platform of safety and never take the next step.

What I am learning and hearing from those around me, like Allen Butts, is that the best way to start your next adventure, whatever that may be, is to just do it.  Just go outside.  Just start saving money toward that next mission opportunity or future college fund for your kids.  Just go on that trip.

Now I am not suggesting that we freely start doing whatever is right in front of us.  What I am saying is there is in all of us a story that we want to live out and we need to figure out what is going to make us pursue it?  I am fortunate, because I have a great counterbalance to my big dreamer self, my wife.  She is full of more wisdom then I could ever have and she helps me process through life and make sure that what we decide to do, is best for the family.  I know she thinks at times I just go and do things without fully thinking them through, which is made evidenced by the countless times I have forgotten to take my wallet to run an errand or left our luggage before we have gone to the famous Pops’ Cabin.  All of her concern and efforts are well received, because I know that a life thought through with her, is infinitely better than the one I would live on my own.


To be honest, I’m not sure what the next adventure is for me and my family, but I do know it starts with taking a step off the platform of safety. The winds of change are blowing, I just pray we are brave enough to listen to the three words starting to whisper in our ears…Just…Do…It.



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