Thank You, Gracias, Spacibo!

Seriously, I am so grateful and humbled by the community that I am surrounded by.

Recently, as you may know, my wife and I had our daughter Emma, and we have been blessed and shown so much love through gifts for our little baby girl, meals so that Lindsay and I didn’t have to worry and plan for that, family and friends helping out, and also just simple congratulations.  We are just so humbled and blown away by our friends and family.  To top it off, just the other day in my mailbox at work, there was a card of congratulations and a gift card from one of the carriers we use that I have built a relationship with.

The generosity and love doesn’t stop there though.  This past Friday was my birthday, the big two nine, just one more year till I change decades.  I was once again blown away by the generosity and kindness of friends and family that posted on Facebook, Snapped,  called, and texted.  I also received the perfect gifts from my parents, in-laws, and Lindsay.  It is crazy to see how well they know me.

I love the community that I am surrounded by and am honestly humbled by all the love and generosity.


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