Potty Training Or Procrastination

I have to start off by saying that Lindsay and I are over the moon that our little man, who is  just a couple months away from turning three, USED THE POTTY FOR THE FIRST TIME THIS WEEK!!! (fist bump emoji x3) That’s correct, this past Sunday my son made his own history using the potty for the first time. So stinkin proud.


You should know that the past few times I have given my son a bath, as soon as I put him in the warm water he says “Sam pee pee,”  and then laughs as he lets loose his little fire hose peeing into the nice clean water. After he would finish that meant that I drained the pee pee water while filling it up the tub with more fresh clean water.  Since this happened a few times in a row, I decided that before I put him in the bath, I would ask if he needed to go potty and see what happens.

The next bath time rolls around, and because I have the memory of a goldfish, I put him in the warm water without asking if he needs to go pee pee.  As soon as Sam hits the water he says “Sam pee pee,” and starts to chuckle, but this time I say “no no no” and pluck him right out of the tub and put him on the potty that I am scrambling to get ready so he doesn’t let loose all over the floor.  I get him on his potty, help make sure his little wee wee (don’t you like all these kiddie terms) is aimed down and he STARTS GOING IN THE POTTY LIKE A BIG BOY. As he is peeing in his potty he is just laughing and so thrilled with himself.  After he is done with his business, we high five, look at the little accomplishment he has made, and my wife brings up the bag of skittles and gives him his special potty reward. (One skittle for pee pee and two for poo poo. Coincidence… I think not.)

Since this little accomplishment has happened, he has been more excited about using the potty, especially around nap time and bed time.  So as these key times in the day roll around, he brings up going to the potty, which we know he is just trying to make sure that he doesn’t wet the bed, so kudos to you son.  We’ll put him on the potty and what seems like an hour later, with maybe just a dribble of pee pee in his potty, he asks for “Two mow minutes.” and maybe even another book, which by the way he has already gone through four or five books at this point, but who can be mad when he is making such a concerted effort.  I will say though, I am pretty sure as it comes to these crucial times of sleep, he seems to be much more interested in using the potty and taking his time, which makes me question is this him potty training or procrastinating.  He is one smart little guy, but you know what, we are just thrilled he is using the potty.


Even though we were hoping he wouldn’t be that interested in using the potty for another few months or more because we just had our baby girl Emma, we are excited about this next little adventure.


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