King of Coupons

There is a show called Extreme Couponing which has been on for a handful of years now.  Over all, I think the people who are on that show are a addicted and intense, so pretty much like me or anyone else when it comes to something we are passionate about.  After recently watching an episode though, I thought I would give couponing  a tryout.  Plus, as you know from my eating trash pizza story, I will try almost anything to save a little money.

So I started off by doing what any good couponer would do, steal as many neighbors papersphoto.JPG as possible and GET THOSE COUPONS.  Kidding… I didn’t really grab anyone else’s paper. So I scoured through those free papers that get randomly thrown on my driveway and found halfway decent coupons to all sorts of things from toiletries to restaurants that we would actually go to.  So I grabbed the pages with the coupons I liked and shoved them in a drawer for later use. Yep, thats right, I didn’t even cut the coupons out, I just shoved all the coupons in the drawer, not even in an organized fashion #ProTip.

One of the coupons I came across was to JC Penny for 15% off any item, and I thought I had hit pay dirt because I needed to get a new wallet.  So I grabbed the coupon and headed to the store…or at least I thought I was. It turns out, the store/stores I was thinking of going to get a new wallet were TJ Max and Marshalles.  Yep, I know… not even the same store or near the same area as JC Penny.  To top all of it off, I looked at the coupon again and saw in super fine print that the coupon had already been expired for a couple of weeks #ProTip.

I wish this was the end of it, but it turns out I like to take things to the next level.  A couple of weeks after this coupon fiasco I wanted to try another shot at using coupons.  My wife had these coupons for Pamper diapers and so I headed to Target because they had an amazing deal on diapers.  The deal was that with every box of diapers you purchase, you get $15.oo back.  Well with young kids, as parents know, you always need more diapers, so I head on over to Target and stock up on some diapers.  As I get to the cashier and he rings me up, I notice he isn’t grabbing any of those $15.00 Target gift cards and I tell him about the promotion.  He kindly says he has no idea about this but guest services should be able to help.  I head over to guest services to find out that I only get this $15.00 gift card if I purchase THREE boxes of diapers.  I head back to the diaper aisle with groceries and and cart of diapers in tow, all the while my son is talking very loudly about the cereal we just purchased.  As I look at the promotional sticker on the diaper shelf I find out that low and behold, in small tiny print, that you really do have to buy three boxes of diapers to get the $15 #ProTip.

So for all of you at home, let this King of Coupons break down these #ProTip’s for you.

Pro Tip #1: Don’t bother to actually clip your coupons out. Just shove the whole mess of them unorganized into a drawer.

Pro Tip #2: Grab a specific coupon but make sure that you don’t go to the store that actually honors the coupon and make sure when you would want to use it, that it is expired.

Pro Tip #3:  Don’t read the fine print on coupons, it is highly over rated and a waste of your time.

You… are… welcome.


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