Ms. Emma Carol Stippichio

Our little girl arrived just over a week ago, June 15th, at 6lbs 9oz and 20inches long.  She is one tiny little nugget, and she is mine.  I already love this girl to pieces and I can’t wait to buy my first gun real soon.

I ended up taking a week off from work to help Lindsay and I must say, I don’t think I really grasped how much work she does with being a stay-at-home mom. I mean wowza.  You get Sam up, change his diaper, feed, clean, play, feed a snack, change more diapers, clean up more, make lunch, clean, put him down for a nap, change some more diapers and maybe his sheets and hopefully you got some rest during his nap because the whole cycle of cleaning, eating, cooking, poop, and everything else starts up again.  It is truly exhausting, and that is with only one kid.  I do not envy the role she plays but I am incredibly grateful for it.  I am thrilled that my kids get to have their mother there with them all the time.

Lindsay, and any mom really, you all are saints.


5 thoughts on “Ms. Emma Carol Stippichio

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