From Zero to Hero

Kids are the best…well, most of the time.  They can be some of the best encouragers, and at other times, a two and a half year old little toddler can bring you way down.  Here is the story of my emotional journey with a two year old toddler over the past week.

IMG_2470My son loves his mommy.  Some would even dare say he is a momma’s boy, but I have not lost hope for the future when he just wants to be with daddy. (Is that selfish?) This one particular day last week he may have been a little more clingy to mommy.  Lets just s
ay thank you God it wasn’t a bath night, because I am in charge of those.  Well I help Lindsay brush Sam’s teeth but he is really not wanting anything to do with me. He keeps on saying, “Just mommy” so clearly, its like he is just twisting an emotional knife in my back, but I am a big boy and put on a smile and cry on the inside. It gets better though.  So they head into Sam’s room where he promptly shuts the door and Lindsay starts to get him dressed, but he is moving around and being a little more crazy and I hear something unique through the door.  “Sam, if you don’t settle down, I will get daddy to put you to bed.” HE ACTUALLY SETTLED DOWN, WHAT THE WHAT?!?!?!?!


There is no greater feeling as a father then to be used as a punishment and it actually calm your son down.  Lindsay and I laughed about this later that night and just talked about how much of a world of change this kid is in because she is about to pop in a couple weeks with our daughter.

IMG_3002.JPGWell, the emotional roller coaster isn’t over with.  No more then 24 hours later my wife texts me in the morning and tells me how Sam was asking for me in the morning when she went into his room to get him ready for the day.  I mean really… this kid knows how to play with my emotions. Lindsay said that she told him that “daddy is at work and that I am not there but will play with him later,” and that he got a little sad when he heard that.   They then head downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast, and this is where it gets good.  As they are sitting down and eating, something falls in the next room over, which connects the garage to the kitchen, and Sam gets this huge look of excitement and screams “Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!”  This kid was so pumped because he thought I was home from work.  I mean it made me feel so good.

I’m telling you now, this kid is good.  I don’t even know how much worse it will be as I am sure my little baby girl will have me wrapped around her finger. This dad is in for an emotional ride. God, I love my kids.


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